Let’s to know some facts about the WWE 2K17 Features Wishlist And New Ideas

WWE 2K17 Game

Let’s to know some facts about the WWE 2K17 Features Wishlist And New Ideas

The fans of the game have a hope: they hope that the upcoming WWE 2K17 version will be rock solid with all quality features. This is a very nice wish, but we still don’t know it would be a truth or not. But there is a very good new – we have some information about the features and new ideas of this game. Do you want to know about it? Let’s read this article.

WWE 2K17 Features Wishlist
Let’s start from the features wishlist of the WWE 2K17. There we can find 9 elements: rooster, moves, more realistic, commentary, mutual respect and disrespect needs to be optional, create a storyline mode, creating a finisher, to speak your own words, able to create a promo. Let’s to know more about every element from this list.

Would like to see John Cena in the game? Probable lots of the fans wanted to see this person in the game. Very famous person like John Cena would be the reason why this game would be very welcome. Anyway, this is only a wish yet, and we don’t know – we will see John Cena in this game or not…

Let’s to know more and about one more wish. There are moves. And what is the wish? More number for each player. This is a very nice wish too. We don’t know – became a truth this wish or not, but we can know, what is the reason of this wish: if in this game we will have more number of moves for each player, it bring the best out of a certain player. It would be a great opportunity, but we still don’t know it will come true or not

More realistic
Fans of the game, always says, that the game is great, if it is realistic. As we can see, this is a wish of the WWE 2K17 fans. It remains only to add, that this wish is a very natural – everyone wants to see a realistic view.

There is and one more wish – an option for creating your own commentary. It is related with another wish – a chance to choose who will be commentators.

Mutual respect and disrecpect needs to be optional
Lot of fans says that it would be great, that if they will have a opportunity the option of respect/disrespect. It is not difficult to notice, that this option will make the game more easier.

Create a storyline mode
As all of you know, that we aren’t allowed to create one in the current version. So, this detail must to be changed and this is one more wish. If the lovers of the gam would be able to create decision on their own, for example to choose the sense of humor, the game would be very interesting and full of colours.

Creating a finisher
Creating a finisher – this is one more wish of game. It remains only to say, that this wish is related with the individuality. If you are the fan of individuality, you will like this opportunity very much.

To speak your own words
What can be better that than opportunity to speak your own words? So, this is not difficult to understand why it is one more wish of the fans.

Able to create a promo
The last wish which is related with this game, is a opportunity to create a promo. It is important to say that if the fans would have this opportunity, they could play more interesting game.

In the end, it is important to say, that all these wishes are very similar – if they wishes will come true, the game will be more easier and interesting.

If you are a fan of battles and fighting, you can’t miss new WWE 2K17 Game. It’s a great way to try your strength against the best fighters in the world. Of course until that moment you must gain technique and skills which is not simple at all. But very challenging and adventurous! WWE 2K17 - 2K Games give a chance to become a winner for everyone. There is no need to be only passive watcher; you can become the leader of the game right now!

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